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Getting your prescriptions refilled is easy, friendly, and fast with iPharmacy. We have a blended system of high-tech and personal touch to meet the different needs of our patients.
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Covid-19 vaccination, flu shots, birth control and any prescribed injectable medications.
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Consultations on how to take care of your health while enjoying your travelling.
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Opioid Dependency Treatment

Access to medications for people experiencing chronic substance use disorders.
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Who we Are

Locally owned, health professionals, and community driven. With 6 branches across the Greater Edmonton Area, iPharmacy provides the perfect balance combining excellence in health care and customer service. Our team stays actively involved with the community to know and better cover its needs. We serve seniors, suburban families, street-involved population, non-profits, isolation centers, and more.

Our team

A diverse group of exciting, kind, and helpful people gives iPharmacy a unique approach to health care. We believe a happy staff gives the best service, that’s why we acknowledge, celebrate and thank every single smiley face that’s in our team. Get to know them and remember… Your pharmacist, your best ally.

Ahmed Metwally. B.Pharm., MBA

“Originally from Egypt, Ahmed got his pharmacy degree in 1997. After arriving in Canada in 2006 and renewing his license the same year, he has been a non-stop learner and achiever. Trained in geriatric pharmacy, in compounding skills and recipes, for travel vaccination, for botox, fillers, and micro needling appliances, he also obtained an MBA from the University of Alberta in 2014 and has served as a Council Member of the Alberta College of Pharmacy from 2010-2013. ”.
Language : Arabic, English

Sean Holland. B.Pharm

“Working at iPharmacy since July 2020, Sean has become one of the best players of our team. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy by the University of Alberta, a Biochemistry Degree by Concordia University. He counts with Prescribing Authorization by the College of Pharmacy and is Injection certified. Saun is defined by his compassionate, non-judgmental care in the Inner City. Sociable, patient, and easy to connect with, his focus is on harm reduction and connecting meaningfully with his patients. As a father of three humans and one dog, he doesn’t really have free time, although he finds time for self-betterment by playing tennis, biking, eating with friends and his favorite hobby: being outside during summer. ”.
Language : English, French

Sagar Shiv. Pharm D. MAS

Intern Pharmacist, Chinatown
“Sagar joined iPharmacy in March 2020, perfect timing to have his magnificent skills with us before the pandemic hit. He studied Doctor of Pharmacy at Manipal University and holds a Masters in Global Health Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University. As part of our team, Sagar finds fulfilment in helping the community to safeguard health and well-being. He is also an amazing cook, enjoys dance and music, and his top hobby is watching a good match of cricket . ”.
Language : Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam.

Ishita Vyas. BS, MPharm.

Pharmacy Assistant
“With a Bachelors and Master degree in Pharmacy by the Gujarat Technological University, Ishita started her journey with iPharmacy in September 2020. She is helpful and pays high attention to details. Our patients recognize her sweet voice over the phone and more than once they have shown their gratitude to her by bringing small details –candies, chocolates, a smile on their faces. Ishita uses her free time to travel as much as possible and singing, dancing, and playing cricket are part of her favorite activities. ”.
Language : Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi.

Leni Balangue. Pham. Assistant Diploma, HCA.

Pharmacy Assistant.
“Leni started working at iPharmacy in June 2021, which makes her the newest member of our team! Freshly graduated from CDI’s Pharmacy Assistant Diploma, she is also certified in Healthcare by Nightingale Academy (2014). Leni is approachable and you’ll always hear her laughing. She takes care of people in need and cultivates strong customer relations at the pharmacy. As a hard-core traveler, she enjoys spending time camping and fishing (even in winter time), having fun with her family, and always learning new things. ”.
Language : Tagalog and Iloco.

Aqeel Askari. Pharm.D.

“Aqeel joined iPharmacy in January 2019. He got his Pharmacist license from Bahauddin Zakariya University. Once established in Canada, he was part of the International Pharmacy Bridging Program in 2017. Aqeel holds family values high, that’s why he always serves the community with care and respect, especially seniors, since he understands the worries and challenges they face. In his free time, he adores gardening – “taking care of flowers and trees everyday makes me happy”–. He also likes to spend time with his family and he’s a big fan of stand-up comedy. ”.
Language : Punjabi, Hindu, Saraiki.

Muhammad Muqadas


Chirito A. BS, HCA.

Pharmacy Assistant
“Chirito has worked with iPharmacy since April 2020. She has a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Bohol and a Health Care Certification from Excel Academy (2013). Chirito is a hard worker, fast, gentle, and always ready to serve. Her priority is providing customers useful and accurate information to take care of their health. Outside of work she values family time and loves long walks on a nice day, but don’t be a fool, this smiling face is big fan of horror and suspense movies. ”.
Language : Tagalog, English.

Rohan Henry. B.Pharm.

“Rohan joined iPharmacy in 2020 as Clinical Pharmacist. A member of the Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP), he’s a passionate entrepreneur with borderless visions and has practiced multiple disciplines in the scope of Pharmacy such as Dermatology, Travel Medicine and HealthCare IT development, and Tobacco Education. In addition, he manages the evolving clinical retail practice of the pharmacy. When not in healthcare, he’s either driving, ice skating, cycling, dancing to the beat of salsa, reggaeton, kizomba, reggae, hip hop, and EDC. ”.

Rajshriba Chauhan. B.Pharm.

“With a Bachelor in Pharmacy from M.S University, Rash started to work in iPharmacy in 2020. Her high attention to detail makes Rajs fast when dispensing medications or giving immunizations. She’s happy when the expectations of our customers are met and when she follows up with patients. Her favorite hobby is to watch Bollywood movies, especially if it’s comedy and listening to music. ”.
Language : Gujarati, Hindi.

Grazielle Baun. Bachelors in Nurse.

Pharmacy Assistant
“Grazielle has been with iPharmacy since 2017. She holds a Nurse degree from the Saint Joseph’s College in her natal Philippines. Once in Canada, she got a Diploma in Pharmacy Assistance from Robertson College. Grazielle is known for her good sense of humor, kindness, and easy smile. Outside of work, she loves playing the guitar, listening to music, camping, and eating. Her favorite food is Adobo Filipino.”.
Language : Tagalog, Iloco, Arabic .

Abel Ogembo. B. Sc. Biochemistry, PharmD.

“Grazielle has been with iPharmacy since 2017. She holds a Nurse degree from the Saint Joseph’s College in her natal Philippines. Once in Canada, she got a Diploma in Pharmacy Assistance from Robertson College. Grazielle is known for her good sense of humor, kindness, and easy smile. Outside of work, she loves playing the guitar, listening to music, camping, and eating. Her favorite food is Adobo Filipino. ”.

Afzalunnisa. PharmD.

Pharmacy Assistant
“Afzalunnisa holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Kakatiya University. She is high-achiever since she carried out a research on Use of Macrolide in Respiratory injection in Children, organized the Multi-Specialty Medical Camp (Kakatiya University), gave presentations on Obesity in Children and Management; on the Tole on Nutrition Management in HIV/ AIDs, and on Safety, LifeStyle Management in Breast Cancer. Afzalunnisa has volunteered during the World Breast Cancer Day and as a blood donor. She’s smart and confident. Don’t let her amazing CV intimidates you, she also loves shopping, practicing yoga, listening to music, and cooking (Biryani is her specialty) ”.
Language : Urdu, Hindi, and Telugu.

Shruti Patel. BSc, Biotechnology Diploma.

Pharmacy Assistant
“A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (Rajiv Gandhi University) and a Biotechnology Technician Health Diploma (Mohawk College) makes Shruti a versatile, well-prepared member to the iPharmacy team. When asked what she loves the most about her vocation, she didn’t hesitate: “helping others”. She sees the pharmacy as an in-between space for doctors and patients to meet half-way, that’s why she enjoys giving the best care to her customers by connecting them with doctors advice. Shruti is very caring, she will make you feel like home. When she’s not around, you can find her hitting the gym, dancing, or listening to music. When she’s not moving, she’ll be watching thriller/suspense movies.”.

Deviani Bonilla. BA.

Marketing Specialist
“After graduating from a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (University of Mexico), Deviani started a digital education journey on Marketing strategies, Marketing analytics, and Copywriting. She values community and honesty, that’s why she approaches advertising from a helpful, customer centered perspective. Outside of work, she is a dancer, choreographer, Spanish teacher, and an impetus biker. You can find her tanning next to the river during the hot days, and awkwardly skating during winter. ”.
Language : Spanish, English.