Getting your prescriptions refilled is easy, friendly, and fast with iPharmacy. We have a blended system of high-tech and personal touch to meet the different needs of our patients.
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Covid-19 vaccination, flu shots, birth control and any prescribed injectable medications.
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Travel Clinics

Consultations on how to take care of your health while enjoying your travelling.
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Opioid Dependency Treatment

Access to medications for people experiencing chronic substance use disorders.
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More than 10 years of experience have made us learn, expand, and polish our services. Our goal is to cover different needs in the wide spectrum of health care and community involvement. Experience the warmth and expertise of iPharmacy for yourself!

Prescriptions Authorities

Our pharmacists on site are able to renew or write new prescriptions. Licensed by Alberta College of Pharmacist

Compounding lab

Medications to suit individual needs (allergies, dosages, treatments). We create customized creams, ointments, tables, pills, suppositories, etc. Topical medications for pain and eczema are our specialty.


Protect yourself and your family from COVID 19 and the flu. We also provide birth control, testosterone, hepatitis, and any other prescribed injectable medication.

Travel Clinics

Get consultation about any travel-related health risk and learn how to keep your health at its best during your travel abroad. Contact us for more information.

Tobacco Secession

Planning to quit smoking? Do it informed and accompanied. Visit our locations to talk with one of our health professionals about medications, plans, and strategies that can help your process.

Dermatology Treatments

Botox, lip fillers, micro needling, and more beauty treatments provided by experienced professionals.

In-store products

Vitamins, supplements, diapers, over the counter medication, baby care products, mobility supplies for seniors (walkers, crutches, security poles, etc) and more in our stores.

Opioid Dependency Therapy

We provide daily Opioid dependency Therapy for people experiencing chronic substance use disorders.

3 years mailbox rental

Get a free of charge mailbox service.

Amazon Lockers

When shopping at Amazon, you can choose between delivery to your front door or to be delivered at one of the Amazon lockers located at iPharmacy. Try a new and secure option for your deliveries.

Service in different languages

Are you a newcomer in Canada and don’t feel comfortable talking about health concerns in English? At iPharmacy we speak French, Hindi, Tagalog, Swahili, Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish and more languages.

*   Services available in different branches, please call before your visit.